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Raccoons can carry rabies and may be dangerous. They can become aggressive and transmit their disease through bites. This can be treated washing the bite with soap and water, disposing of your clothes, and by immediately seeking medical attention. Minimal fatalities have been reported from raccoon bites but they should be regarded as a large threat to household pets, and are strong enough to be able to fight one or two dogs off at once.
Bats There are eight different species of bats that live in Ontario - the most common of these is the "little brown bat."  Bats normally roost in trees or caves but due to urbanization bats can often be found roosting in man-made structures, especially attics. This is the primary reason that bats come into conflict with people. The bats living in Ontario migrate or hibernate during the winter months. Due to the small size of bats they are able to gain entry to an attic or other spaces through a hole as small as a half-inch. This can make it difficult to find all possible entry/exit sites used by the bat(s), but it is important to investigate thoroughly and find all the access points if possible.  Excluding bats from your home is difficult and definitely requires professional consultation.
Squirrels   Squirrels are furry rodents who survive mainly on nuts and grains. There are many species of squirrels, however most squirrels in southern Ontario are "Eastern Grey" type. Eastern Greys include the all black squirrels too - black or dark brown is just one colour they come in. Like all rodents, squirrels have sharp, strong teeth and powerful jaws that enable them to chew holes through most building materials and to get into buildings. Squirrels typically become a nuisance and cause damage when they get into attics or chew holes in roofs, eaves, gutters, and soffits. Squirrels can also create a fire hazard when they chew or gnaw on electrical wiring.

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